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Sketch of the Life of William Morley Black, (1826-1915)

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Sketch of the Life of William Morley Black, (1826-1915)

Published 1914

Sketch of the Life of William Morley Black(1826-1915),This Autobiography by William Morley Black was written in 1914 approximately one year before he died. The manuscript displayed was copied by Eva Palmer. Special Thanks to LeGrand Black, June Bateman Black, JoAnn Black Price, Roger LeGrand Black, Alan Duane Black and Bruce J. Black for preserving and making this family history available.

"William Morley Black was born on the 11 February 1826 at Vermilion, Richland Ohio to John Black and Mary Kline. In 1848 William Morley ran for Sheriff on the Democratic ticket in Cuba, Ohio and was elected. News of the discovery of gold in California reached the town of Cuba, Ohio in 1849. 01 April 1849, William Morley with others formed a joint stock company in Cuba to go to the gold fields of California. 3rd April 1849, headed from Ohio towards the gold fields of California. On the 24th of July 1849 William Morley entered the Salt Lake Valley. He came to Utah on the 24th of July 1849 in the ox team company.
25th of July 1849, William Morley sees Brigham Young and John Taylor at the Bowery in Salt Lake. A few days later William Morley is baptized by Levi Jakeman. William Morley worked on building the masonry foundation of the Council House, Salt Lake City, Utah. He was called to Sanpete County to set up settlement. During his life the mechanically talented William Morley Black built many saw mills and grist mills including;Sanpete, Utah; Manti, Utah; Nephi, Utah; Ephriam, Utah; Circleville, Utah; Beaver, Utah; Washington County, Utah; Kanab, Utah; Lehi, Utah; Glendale, Utah; Mexico; Casas Grandes, Mexico; Juarez, Mexico.
William Morley Black's six wives and children included;

1. William Morley married Margaret Ruth Banks,(1829-1884),on February 05, 1846. Margaret Ruth Banks was born on January 20, 1829,(daughter of Nathaniel B. and Barbarbara Banks of Illinois). She died on June 29, 1884.
Children of William Morley Black and Margaret Ruth Banks included;
Mary Elizabeth
Martin Luther
Martha Jane
Sarah Emma
William Kimball
John Morley
Isaac Edwin
George Henry

2. William Morley married Amy Jane Washburn, (1832-1888) on October 26th 1851 at Manti, Utah. She was the (daughter of Abraham and Tamar Washburn of Manti, Utah. Amy Jane Washburn was born on July 28, 1832. She died on August 28, 1888.
Children of William Morley Black and Amy Jane Washburn included;
Tamer Jane
Sarah Amelia
William Grant
Benjamin Daniel
Mary Ann
Charles Theadore
Eva Minerva
Margaret Ellen
Orson Pratt

3. William Morley married Annie Maria Hansen on October 26, 1859 at Ephraim, Utah She was (daughter of Andrew Hansen and Abelona Knudsen of Ephriam, Utah. They were pioneers of the 1856 Oxteam Company. Maria Hansen was born on November 19, 1840 and died on March 1920.
Children of William Morley Black and Annie Maria Hansen included;
Joseph Andrew
Rachel Ann
Olive Myrtle
William Sanford
Miller Snow
Hattie Druzilla
David Patten
Morley Larsen

4. William Morley Black married Emma Lynette Richarson, (c.1830-1874) in 1861 . She was born about. 1830. Home in Ephraim, Utah.
Children of William Morley and Emma Lynette Richardson included;

5. William Morley Black married Louisa Ann Washburn in 1867 at Salt Lake City (daughter of Abraham and Clarinda Washburn of Ossining, N.Y., pioneers 1848 oxteam company. Children of Louisa Ann Washburn included;
Cathrine Almeda
William Washburn
Parley Pratt
Hetta Clarinda
Edward Webb
Junius Exile

6. William Morley Black Married Sara Marinda Thompson Oct. 1874, Salt Lake City. Children of William Morley Black and Sarah Marinda Thompson included;
Mary Bell
Amy Jane
Eliza Roxy

He had a few too many brushes with the law over his practice of polygamy. The Federal Marshalls were willing to put him in jail. Morley Larsen decided to go to the Mormon colonies in Mexico.

In 1889 Morley Larsen arrived at Diaz, Mexico.

On the 31st of July 1912 the Mexican factions were fighting and William Morley had to abandon Pearson enroute to El Paso. On the 10th of August 1912 Maria and William Morley got a train pass to go to Price, Utah. William Morley Black died at 4:00 AM June 21st 1915, at Blanding, Utah. His funeral wagon hearse was led by a team of white horses to the Blanding Cemetery where he is interred. William Morley Black was a member of the 81st quorum of Seventies: High Priest; Patriarch, Blackhawk Indian War Veteran and a Miller." Biography courtesy of Bruce J. Black, at

Year 1914
Language English
Collection opensource
Notes Life Sketch of William Morley Black; Journal of William Morley Black, 1826-1915; Written by Author in 1914 and copied From the Original Journal by Eva Palmer of Blanding, Utah.


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